Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Newt Jersey #1

As much as I grew up on PBS and a swing set, I grew up on Sunday morning cartoons. Farside, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes - these are the things what I done laughed at. As the sunday's went on, the cartoon fold went from four pages, to a single fold, to a single side of a fold, with a mattress advertisement on the back. I began to have to fish out three weeks worth of comics to wrap my Christmas presents.
So I always wanted to do a comic, despite the fact that I draw like a sharpie taped to a sea turtle on it's back.
Here is an example of an earlier experiment, some years ago:

It lasted about seven strips, which exhausted my knowledge of WWII aviation.

I got the bug again, and created Newt Jersey. I picked a concept that didn't require me to draw period specific aircraft. Smart move. Alternate titles: Abominations, Cave Newt.

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