Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Newt Jersey #14

The Large Hadron Collider - I'm just the right mixture of terrified and fascinated.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Newt Jersey #13

It's been a long month, but I'm back in the swing of things - for your enjoyment/confusement: the first Newt Jersey of the tens! Two thousand and tens that is. I can only wonder what wonders this decade will hold; hover cars, hover robots, hover packs, thorium based energy on a global scale! School is just getting rolling up here in the New York, so stay tuned for some neato projects and happenings. Here's a sneak peak at what's in its nebulous stages, but sshhhhhhh (another series of short play nights similar to The Zombo Acapulco List, a radio comedy show for the purpose of spreading War of the Worlds type panic, an acoustic folk doom metal act having to do with Gnomes, and a whole bag of wonderous stuff).

I will be posting a new Newt Jersey every Tursday, so stop in and help me bake cookies. I'll let you eat some of the dough (shhhhhhhh.)

Have a beautiful new decade.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Newt Jersey #11, 12

And two more. After a two week hiatus, check back Thursday for the first Newt Jersey of 2010! Happy new year, and thanks to everybody who read, and commented in person, facebook, and air mail. You make me happy.

Newt Jersey #9,10

The next two tried to not be so devastatingly sad. I hope they succeeded. The second one I owe almost entirely to a very pretty girl named Jena.

Newt Jersey #6, 7, 8

For the next three weeks comics, I decided that crushing the reader's soul was hilarious. That was an interesting three weeks for me, to say the least. It did offer me the opportunity to explore a few of my obsessions - the moon, sea monsters, and triangles. It may not be apparent, but rarely do the comics come out right the first time. Everything is drawn on notebook paper with a sharpie and a sharpie pen (which leaks like an old thermos), but I can't draw a shape to save my life, so a lot of things - particularly text, eyes and facial expressions - are pieced together on the computer. There is a paper in my desk of countless little slightly misshapen sad faced triangles on their sides. I think about it every night before I go to bed.

Newt Jersey #5

A friend of mine, we'll call her Bridget because that's her name, proposed an interesting concept - she interpereted that Newt was the name of a single character, and he just looks different every time. This blew my mind. I wish I was so clever. Instead, the characters are just whatever googlie eyed monster that comes out first (in the scripts, they are called Amon (for a monster,) and Amon and so on.) Characters inevitably emerged. The stalk-eyed, claw-handed scientist seen in this one is the oldest, and the subject of a great many page-margin doodles through the years. Is any of this interesting? Also, the phallicness of the test subject was pointed out to me after I drew it. I decided not to change it.

Newt Jersey #3

Believe it or not, most of the strips are scripted before hand. Sometimes, however, I will just start one, and hope to God I find a punchline by the fourth panel. This one just wouldn't come, so I blew a trick I had been saving - the final panel cop out slug.

Newt Jersey #4

This strip is the source of much confusion.
It looks like they are having sex in panel two. They are not. I don't have the artistic wherewithal to show you what it happens when these two beautiful things make love. But believe me, it's something to behold. In panel four, the child is propping up a broken table leg. Conker's Bad Fur Day, anyone?

Newt Jersey #2

I hate to play favorites, but this strip sort of represents everything I have come to love about crummy little four panel comics - with the lil bug eyed guy and the mountain, I told more story than just about anything I've written. Now if I can only do it again. Sadly, you can only sell your soul to Satan once.

Newt Jersey #1

As much as I grew up on PBS and a swing set, I grew up on Sunday morning cartoons. Farside, Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes - these are the things what I done laughed at. As the sunday's went on, the cartoon fold went from four pages, to a single fold, to a single side of a fold, with a mattress advertisement on the back. I began to have to fish out three weeks worth of comics to wrap my Christmas presents.
So I always wanted to do a comic, despite the fact that I draw like a sharpie taped to a sea turtle on it's back.
Here is an example of an earlier experiment, some years ago:

It lasted about seven strips, which exhausted my knowledge of WWII aviation.

I got the bug again, and created Newt Jersey. I picked a concept that didn't require me to draw period specific aircraft. Smart move. Alternate titles: Abominations, Cave Newt.

Post Master General

I draw a bit of a comic, from time to time. It is posted on Thursdays, and will run until until it loses breath and throws up, to the embarrassment of the entire track team.
Also, because I doubt very seriously that people will read this lil' chunk o' blog bobbing in the vast internet tide, I will post other ramblings. They will, like chocolate, range from bitter, to sweet, to stolen, to melted in the cup holder of your car.
You'll never get it out.

And now, the back catalog of Newt Jersey, originally published in SUNY Purchase's Independent in the wonderful fall of 2009. Maybe some commentary is in order. Maybe not.
Thank you for reading.
You are, how do you say, beautiful people.

Bryan Korn